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Learn more about the 360 WiFi service, from setup and features to security and more. 


Do you have WiFi 7 pods?

If you see WiFi 7 Certified on the back of your 360 WiFi pods, we've got FAQs just for you.

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Important notice: "Device List" not showing in the app for WiFi 7

We are working to fix this issue as quickly as possible.

For customers with WiFi 7 pods (W1700K and W1701K), a technical bug in the Quantum Fiber app is causing the Device List to appear incorrectly. The list shows no devices, even when there are devices connected to your Quantum Fiber network. Rest assured, the devices are connected but not displaying.

Quantum Fiber app screenshots: On the dashboard screen you can see two (2) connected devices. But when you tap to view the "Connected Devices" screen, no devices are showing.

In addition, these features in the Quantum Fiber app are currently disabled for WiFi 7:

  • Profiles section in the Parental Controls area
  • Network Security section in the Network Information screen

Expected fix date: Mid-June

Getting up and running

Yes! Existing customers can order 360 WiFi through the account website. If you already have active Quantum Fiber service, simply sign in and find the Shop option in the top menu. Then look for the 360 WiFi tab and follow the steps to complete your order.

It depends. If you order new service from Quantum Fiber, the technician who installs your fiber internet will also set up your 360 WiFi pods. If you already have Quantum Fiber service and add 360 WiFi, then the pods will be shipped to you and you will set them up yourself, following these step-by-step instructions. Here's a brief preview of the process:

  1. You'll start by getting the 360 WiFi app. You can download the mobile app from the Google Play or Apple store.
  2. Once the app is installed, sign in using the same username and password you created when ordering Quantum Fiber service. 
  3. The 360 WiFi app will then walk you through the setup process step by step. Click below to see complete instructions.
360 WiFi app logo

Download the 360 WiFi app

The 360 WiFi app is different from the Quantum Fiber account app, but uses the same sign-in.

Special note for iPhone users: If you purchased your iPhone outside the U.S., the 360 WiFi app may not appear in the app store. If this happens, simply change your region to the United States in the iPhone settings, and the app will be available. Once you have installed the app, you can adjust the region setting again as needed.

After you’ve set up your mesh network, you can use the 360 WiFi app to add or rename pods, monitor signal strength, manage parental and content controls, and more. For instance, imagine you have a big meeting coming up and you're worried the video will buffer. With 360 WiFi, you can temporarily pause other devices' access and give priority to your computer for a seamless experience. Set device schedules, block or allow different devices to get online at certain hours, and more. Network control is in your hands.

360 WiFi app logo

Download the 360 WiFi app

The 360 WiFi app is different from the Quantum Fiber account app, but uses the same sign-in.

You can see below that both the 360 WiFi app and the Quantum Fiber account app have important features to help you manage your service and your network. You will need to download both apps on your mobile device. 

360 WiFi app Quantum Fiber account app
Initial installation and pod setup Customize pod and device names
Change network name and password List connected devices
Set up guest WiFi access Block or enable device access
Create device groups Manage your account notifications
Manage parental controls Manage payments
Use intelligent security features Manage service (move, pause, etc.)
Check speed to pods Check speed to modem or SmartNID

The number of pods depends on the size and layout of your space. Many homes and small businesses get great WiFi coverage with two pods. You may need more if your space is over 2,500 square feet. Up to four pods are included in your 360 WiFi monthly fee. You can purchase any additional pods that you need for $149 each.

The first pod will be connected directly to your modem or SmartNID. Any additional pods should be evenly spaced between the modem and the farthest devices in your home or business space. In addition, it's best to have a clear line of sight to your WiFi pods, with no major barriers surrounding them. You’ll be guided through ideal pod placement during setup.

If you moved in and found 360 WiFi pods already set up in your home, you are most likely an Instant Internet customer. That means all you have to do is download the app, sign in, create your WiFi network and password, and you're connected! Follow our setup instructions to create your WiFi network and connect your devices

As an Instant Internet customer, you will also leave all 360 WiFi equipment in place when you move out, to be used by the next tenant.

WiFi 6 pod

360 WiFi pod (example)

Yes, it's easy to adjust your network if needed! Once you have 360 WiFi up and running, if your setup changes, you can add a pod to your service. Start by signing in to your Quantum Fiber account on the web to order another pod. Once it arrives, use the 360 WiFi app to pair the new pod with your existing WiFi network. 

Some smart home devices, such as security cameras and doorbells, ask for a 2.4 GHz connection when connecting to WiFi. To do this, you can use the 360 WiFi app to temporarily put your phone in IoT onboarding mode, which means that the 2.4 GHz band will be active for 1 hour, allowing you to connect those devices.

Features and benefits

360 WiFi includes a built-in firewall that helps keep your network and connected devices safe. Advanced IoT protection quarantines smart home devices when a threat is detected. You can access all network data and security features, including content and parental controls, from the app.

360 WiFi continuously learns your internet use patterns and updates itself to keep things running smoothly. The cloud-based system intelligently detects your connected devices, then optimizes their performance based on speed, device type, and other factors, to keep everything running at maximum potential. 

In other words, your pods are super smart. Every night, they run an optimizer app and then give you suggestions on how to get the most out of your 360 WiFi network.

To cover WiFi dead spots in your home or business, you can use extenders, multiple routers, or a mesh WiFi system. But using individual extenders or multiple routers can require manually switching between networks with separate signals as you move around. Mesh systems, on the other hand, have interconnected pods that auto-select based on signal strength, which makes them both easier to use and more reliable. The system works in a similar way to your mobile phone—automatically accessing the closest cell tower as you drive down the highway. 

Where traditional WiFi systems are static and tied to one central point (the router), mesh systems are distributed through your house or office. This blanket coverage allows the mesh WiFi system to correct itself, avoiding data congestion and minimizing slowdowns. For instance, if one WiFi pod stops working, data will be rerouted to another so that you don’t notice any difference on your devices.

If you have pods that look like these (hexagon shape), then you will see the Sense security feature in the 360 WiFi app.

Sense allows your pods to work together as a physical security system for your home without the need for new hardware. By monitoring changes in the WiFi fields, this feature can detect motion when you're away from home and send an alert to your phone. The system includes these features:

  • Sensitivity can be adjusted to ignore the movement of pets.
  • Live view and history visible in the 360 WiFi app for 7 days.
  • Option to turn on alerts automatically when the system detects that no one is at home (using primary device connections).
Sense screen in 360 WiFi app

In the 360 WiFi app, you can give your guests WiFi access through a guest password. Rather than creating a separate network, you can simply grant limited access to specific devices of your choice, using a separate password. To set it up, open the 360 WiFi app and select Adapt > Select the Guests tab in the Home Network area > Select New guest password > Enter your chosen name and password > Select Add.

Adapt screen in 360 WiFi app showing guest password option
Screenshot of 360 WiFi app showing new guest password

Performance and compatibility

The SmartNID by itself does not have wireless capability. To get a complete WiFi experience in your home or small business, you will need 360 WiFi or another WiFi solution. If you have a C4000XG or C3510XZ modem, it may or may not have WiFi enabled. If you're not sure, reach out and we can help.

Download the 360 WiFi app to see download and upload speeds to each of your WiFi pods. You can see the network speed to your modem or SmartNID on the Quantum Fiber app.

You can also test your speed on an individual device.

360 WiFi app logo

Download the 360 WiFi app

The 360 WiFi app is different from the Quantum Fiber account app, but uses the same sign-in.

If you need to add or replace a 360 WiFi pod, you may get an upgrade to your entire 360 WiFi network. Learn more about the new WiFi 6 pods from our FAQs, and how to replace your pods if this applies to you.

Two WiFi 5 pods

WiFi 5 pods (older style)

WiFi 6 pod

WiFi 6 pods (new style)

There might be a few reasons. Wireless connections are not dedicated and are limited by the wireless signal traveling between the pods and your device. One of the most common causes of slowdowns is the number of connected devices sharing your bandwidth. Other devices on your network or even neighboring networks can also cause signal congestion or interference, slowing down your WiFi. Distance from a WiFi pod is another cause—the closer you are to a pod, the better your signal and speed will be. Other causes might be physical barriers or devices that can't handle high speeds.

Yes, you can pair another mesh WiFi solution with your SmartNID to deliver wireless service to your devices. Note that the SmartNID does not have WiFi capabilities on its own. Also note that Quantum Fiber cannot assist with setup, troubleshooting, or maintenance of a third-party WiFi product.

Sorry, 360 WiFi is not compatible with a non-Quantum Fiber modem. We cannot support any non-Quantum Fiber modem, router, or other equipment that you may use.

No, the 360 WiFi pods that you lease from us are specially configured to work with Quantum Fiber service. If you cancel your service, you will need to return the leased pods to us. Any additional pods you purchase are yours to keep, but they will not work with a different internet service.

Need more help? Chat with us! Find the purple chat bubble in the lower right corner of this screen, or chat from the Quantum Fiber app or our online portal. If you prefer to call or email, you can do that too. 

Do you have WiFi 7 pods?

If you see WiFi 7 Certified on the back of your 360 WiFi pods, we've got FAQs just for you.

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