Why fiber internet?

Imagine streaming 4K from every device at the same time. Or speeds up to 940 Mbps that allow you to share videos at 20x faster upload speed than cable^. Fiber internet lets you do all that and so much more! This complex technology is perfect for busy households and bustling businesses—internet that’s built for all the ways you live and work.

Your life is unlimited. Your internet should be too.


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Speeds up to 940 Mbps means speed for all things.

Speed may not be available in your area



Ultra-fast all day, all night with 99.9% reliability.

*Based on network uptime or availability.

No Annual Contracts


Stay only if you’re happy—no annual contracts to tie you down

How fiber works

Fiber-optic internet uses light, pulsing through special glass cables to move information at nearly the speed of light. Bundles of these tiny, hair-like fibers zap data back and forth at unimaginable speeds. It all comes together to give you super-fast internet on a rock-solid network.

As your needs change, so do we.

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