360 WiFi

Say hello to complete WiFi coverage.

Introducing the WiFi mesh network for your home or business that optimizes itself based on how you use it! With 360 WiFi, you’ll get improved WiFi security, the ability to manage who’s connected, and even parental controls.


360 WiFi is built for homes and businesses that need the utmost in WiFi connectivity. The mesh network directs traffic as it talks to all your smart devices and prioritizes and routes them so that everyone and everything stays connected smoothly and efficiently.



Whether you’re connecting on the job or surfing from home, 360 WiFi Pods work as a team to learn when, where, and how you connect most. Plus, they keep an eye on the people and devices on your WiFi and how much bandwidth is being used.


The 360 WiFi Pods app lets you set up and tailor your home or business network in a snap—right from your phone. Seamless WiFi means no more dead spots, no matter the room or device!

The power is in the Pods.

Your WiFi Pods talk to each other constantly. They do all the thinking and high-tech stuff behind the scenes, so you don’t have to. Then, they adapt to your home or business network, so when you connect, it just works.


Internet, your way.

Internet  your way

Welcome to a new way to WiFi. The 360 WiFi Modem and Pods overlap their signals to create a WiFi “blanket” that keeps your devices connected at the best speeds possible. Move around your home or business and keep streaming, video-conferencing, and surfing without interruption or dead spots.

Get the app now!


The Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app puts the power of your WiFi experience in the palm of your hand. Using a phone or tablet, you can customize your network quickly. Give guests secure access, manage your kids’ activities, even block content, ads, or outside devices. With the 360 WiFi app, you call the shots!