C5500XK SmartNID user guide

Learn about using your C5500XK SmartNID, including features and specifications, installation, and troubleshooting.

C5500XK bottom view

Features of the C5500XK

  • The C5500XK combines the functions of a modem and a fiber-optic network terminal into one device. It decodes the optical signals that make your fiber internet work.

  • This device will be permanently installed (attached to the wall) inside your home or small business. Do not remove it if you move or cancel service.  

  • For WiFi coverage, this device must be paired with 360 WiFi or your own router.

Speed specifications

The C5500XK SmartNID is tested and certified to run at speeds up to 940 Mbps on the Quantum Fiber network. 


Note: Speeds reflect the maximum download speed the technology can deliver with Quantum Fiber service. In-home speeds may differ based on router setup, devices and other factors. 

Installation of a C5500XK

A Quantum Fiber technician will install the SmartNID in your property by attaching it to the wall and carefully connecting it to our fiber network. As a network terminal, it should remain in place even if you move or cancel service.  

C5500XK back view with wall mount
C5500XK installed with 360 WiFi pod


If you're having internet problems, you can try restarting your SmartNID to refresh the connection. Also troubleshoot your 360 WiFi setup to make sure your pods and SmartNID are connected properly.

front view of C5500 or C6500 smartNID

NOTE: If you have a wall-mounted SmartNID, please be careful when restarting. Do not unplug the green wires on the bottom of the device. These are part of the fiber connection and should not be disconnected.

SmartNID status light table

The status light on the front of your SmartNID can tell you about the connection. It will be solid green most of the time, indicating that it's online and connected to our fiber network. During initial bootup or in the case of a connection error or special scenario, it may be a different color, according to the table below.

Light color Description
Solid red Hardware test during boot-up
Blinking red Failed hardware test. Please call or chat for help
Blinking blue Syncing with the network
Solid blue Syncing complete; ready for use
Solid amber Account action required
Solid green Connected
Solid white Transparent bridge mode (advanced)
Off Not connected

Note: As it does not have WiFi capabilities, the C5500XK SmartNID cannot use WPS to connect to devices. 


Finally, if instructed to do so by a member of our support team, you can download and install the latest firmware for your SmartNID.