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Your Quantum Fiber internet service is just the beginning. Learn more here about using additional services with your fiber internet plan, including 360 WiFi, Connected Voice, and streaming TV partner services.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most common customer questions about Quantum Fiber services.

360 WiFi is the premier WiFi service designed to work seamlessly with your Quantum Fiber internet. The key parts of the system are your Quantum Fiber SmartNID or modem and a series of linked pods placed throughout your space. These devices work together to blanket your home or small business with a seamless mesh WiFi network.

Using smart, cloud-based software, the pods route and re-route where and how each of your devices connects with your WiFi. You can use the 360 WiFi app to manage access, set controls, monitor your network security, and more. 

You can add 360 WiFi to your current Quantum Fiber service from the app or account portal. We'll ship you your new 360 WiFi pods and you can set them up and connect to your new network using the 360 WiFi app.

Yes! As a Quantum Fiber customer, you can create a free email account through the hub. Start by going to the sign up page to register your chosen email address. Your account comes with an email address, 15 GB of email storage plus 5 GB of file storage, plus enhanced spam protection and much more.

Connected Voice is a prepaid VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service. Essentially, it’s a digital phone service provided through your internet connection. Connected Voice offers all the features of traditional telephone (like caller ID, call waiting, voicemail, anonymous call block, etc.), plus more advanced features not available with most traditional telephone services, including mobility, voicemail to email, and email notifications. You can order it anytime from your Quantum Fiber app. Learn how to set up Connected Voice and find user guides and more.

Streaming TV means you watch shows, movies, and other video entertainment over the internet from a connected device. There are options for both live channels and video-on-demand platforms. Quantum Fiber doesn't directly supply streaming TV services, but we do partner with a variety of providers so you can connect with some of today's top streaming video services.

The secure account website and the app give you access to all your Quantum Fiber services. Sign in to view your current plan details and make changes like pausing or moving your service, upgrading or canceling your plan, or managing installation and more. 

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