How to set up Connected Voice Basic

Connected Voice Basic is the phone solution built for your connected life. This start-up guide will help you get up and running.

Connected Voice Basic includes one phone number. It's a common choice for home phone service.

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Equipment list

Check that you received all your equipment:

  • Connected Voice adapter
  • Power cord
  • Ethernet cable
  • Installation guide
  • 911 sticker

Then, don't forget the phone! We recommend you use cordless phones with your Connected Voice service for best results. You can connect the adapter to the cordless base station and then distribute any additional cordless handsets through your house.


Connected Voice will only work with phones that are connected to the Connected Voice adapter. Any phones you have plugged into standard phone jacks in your home will not work.

Connect the adapter

The Connected Voice adapter will complete setup automatically once it's connected to your Quantum Fiber internet service. All you need to do is plug everything in.

Connected Voice phone adapter, front view
photo of the Connected Voice adapter, back view

1. Plug the adapter into your modem.
Place the adapter near your modem or WiFi pod. As with most electronic equipment, pick a place that has good air circulation, so it won't get too hot. Then plug the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on the back of the modem and into the Internet port on the back of the adapter.

2. Connect the telephone cord.
Plug a standard telephone cable into the Phone port on the back of the adapter, then plug the other end of the cable into your touch-tone telephone or cordless phone base.

3. Power up your Connected Voice adapter.
Connect the power cord into the Power port on the back of the Connected Voice adapter, then into a wall outlet. The POWER light on the Connected Voice adapter should light up.

4. Let the adapter self-configure.
Your Connected Voice adapter will now automatically self-configure to work with your Connected Voice service. You'll know it's complete the lights for POWER, INTERNET, and PHONE on the adapter are all solid green.

Configuration time 

The auto-configuration process may be as fast as 3-4 minutes, but can take up to 15 minutes. Please be patient. Unplugging or restarting the device while any of the lights are still flashing during setup can cause the unit to malfunction. 

Finding your Connected Voice phone number

Now you’re ready to pick up the phone and make a call! Be sure to share your new number with your friends and family. The easiest way to see your number is to call your mobile phone and check the incoming number. You can also sign in to your Connected Voice account.