How to set up Connected Voice Professional

Connected Voice Professional is the phone solution built for your small business. Use this start-up guide to get up and running.

Connected Voice Professional includes up to three phone numbers and can be used by up to 20 users. It's our most popular voice solution for small business customers.

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Equipment list

Check that you received all your equipment:

  • Connected Voice Polycom phone
  • Power cord
  • Ethernet cable
  • Stand
  • Installation guide
  • 911 sticker

Setting up your Connected Voice phone

Connected Voice will only work with phones that are connected to your internet service. Any phones plugged into a standard phone jack will not work with Connected Voice.

The Connected Voice phone will automatically self-configure after it's connected to your Quantum Fiber internet service. All you need to do is plug in the phone and connect the cables in these four steps:

  1. Plug the handset into the phone base
    Place the phone near your fiber modem and attach the handset to the phone base using the cord provided.

  2. Connect the phone to the network
    Attach one end of the network cable to the network port on the bottom of the phone. Plug the other end into an Ethernet port on your modem or an Ethernet jack in the wall.

  3. Power up your Connected Voice phone
    Attach the power adapter cord into the power port on the bottom of the phone and plug it into an outlet. The phone screen should light up, indicating the phone is turned on.

  4. Let the phone self-configure 
    Now, sit back and wait while your Connected Voice phone talks to the network and finishes auto-setup. You will know the process is complete when you hear a dial tone.
image of the Connected Voice phone

Important Note: The auto-configuration process may be as fast as 3-4 minutes, but can take up to 15 minutes. Please be patient. Unplugging or restarting the phone before the configuration is complete can cause the phone to malfunction. 

Finding your Connected Voice phone number

Now you’re ready to pick up the phone and make a call! The easiest way to see your number is to call a mobile phone and check the incoming number. You can also sign into your Connected Voice account.

Unlock the power of Connected Voice Professional

Download the web phone app for tablet or desktop.