Quantum Fiber email support

Did you know every Quantum Fiber customer gets a free Q.com email account? No kidding! Sign up today, then sign in to use your email and access news, sports, entertainment and more at quantumfiber.net.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most common questions about your Quantum Fiber email account.

It's easy! Just go to the Quantum Fiber email sign up page and register your chosen email address. The site will walk you through the steps. You'll need to provide the email and mobile number that you used when you signed up for Quantum Fiber service.

You get a whole bucket of great features and benefits with a free Quantum Fiber email account:

  • One email address @Q.com
  • 15 GB email storage plus 5 GB Drive storage for photos, videos, and files
  • Enhanced spam protection with proactive scanning
  • Multi-factor authentication when signing in to your email on the web (using Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy)
  • No targeted ads: We won't scan the contents of your email to present you with personalized ads, the way some email providers do

And, best of all, it's free with your Quantum Fiber service! Get started by signing up for your email account today.

Everything starts at our email hub, quantumfiber.net. There, you can check the news and the weather, watch a video or two, or proceed straight to the email sign-in at the top of the page. Easy!

Note for former CenturyLink customers: If you already have a Q.com email address that you set up before December 2023, you will continue to sign in at centurylink.net as you always have.

You'll find news and entertainment, sports, weather, games, and of course email. It at starts at quantumfiber.net, your hub for email and more.

You can get support with your email account and check out FAQs at the Email Help Center. You'll find top questions and requests for both webmail and mobile email, and can chat with customer service from that page if you need additional assistance.

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