How to restart your SmartNID or modem

A quick restart of your SmartNID or modem can often fix connection and wireless issues. This is one of the first things to try if you're having trouble with your Quantum Fiber internet. You can restart manually or through the app.

front view of C5500 or C6500 smartNID

NOTE: If you have a wall-mounted SmartNID, please be careful when restarting. Do not unplug the green wires on the bottom of the device. These are part of the fiber connection and should not be disconnected.

How to restart from the app

You can restart your equipment remotely through the Quantum Fiber app. 

  1. On your app dashboard, look for the row of purple action buttons. Tap the Restart modem button. These options appear in other areas of the app as well.

  2. Confirm by tapping Restart on the pop-up prompt.
App restart screen 1
App restart screen 2
  1. Wait while the modem or SmartNID restarts. This can take up to 5 minutes. You can close the app if you want and the restart will complete.

  2. Once it has fully booted back up, you'll see a success message. Select Close to return to the dashboard.
App restart, screen 3

How to restart manually

To restart your equipment manually, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug the power cord from the back of the modem or the bottom of the SmartNID. Make sure you have unplugged the correct cord by checking that all the lights on the equipment go OFF.
  2. Wait for at least 30 seconds, then plug the power cord back in. 
  3. Wait 2-3 minutes for the modem to fully boot up. The power light and the internet light should turn green if you have a tower modem. In the case of a C4000XG or SmartNID, the single light on the front will turn green when it's connected.  
  4. Check again for a connection. You'll know you can get back online once the light(s) on the front of the modem turn green.
C4000 modem front view with green status light on
C3510XZ modem front view showing green power and internet lights
C5500XK SmartNID front view, green status light on

The WiFi connection on your smartphone (and other devices) will be interrupted when the equipment shuts down. Once the network is back up, your WiFi network will come back online and your devices will connect automatically if they are set to remember the network settings. Or you may need to reconnect some of your devices manually.

What to do if a restart doesn't help

You may want to try a full modem reset, which returns the modem to its factory default settings. If you have a C5500XK or C6500XK SmartNID, contact us for tech support before attempting a reset.

Need more help? Chat with us! Find the purple chat bubble in the lower right corner of this screen, or chat from the Quantum Fiber app or our online portal. If you prefer to call or email, you can do that too. 

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