How to connect devices to your WiFi network

There are two ways to join your WiFi network from each of your devices. Select an option to view those instructions.

Some residences have Quantum Fiber Instant WiFi available for tenants. After you've created your Quantum Fiber Instant WiFi account, proceed with connecting your devices using the WiFi password you created when setting up your account. 

Another way is to enter the name and MAC ID of each device to your Instant WiFi account:

  1. Sign in to your Instant WiFi account.
  2. Click on My Network and then Add Device.
  3. Enter the MAC ID for that device. This is typically found in the device settings under About or Device information.

Enter your WiFi password on your device

To connect a device using the network settings on that device, follow these steps:


  1. Find your network name (SSID) and password. If you customized these, you should have noted them. If you did not customize your network name and password, use the default SSID and security key printed on the sticker on the side or back of your modem or SmartNID. 

  2. Enable WiFi on your device. Settings vary by device, but most devices with a screen have a menu called "Connections" or "Network." Use the toggle or Enable link to turn on WiFi. 

  3. Select your network. You'll see a list of available WiFi networks in your area. Find yours in the list, following the SSID or network name from step 1. 

  4. Enter your WiFi password. You'll be prompted to enter a password. Enter your security key. When the correct password is entered, the device will connect within a moment or two. 


Optional: Most devices have the option to "Connect automatically" or "Remember this network." When you enable this, your device will always connect to that network without entering the password each time.

SSID is the technical term for your WiFi network. The security key is also called the WiFi password and it keeps your network secure, making sure that neighbors and others can't access it. These will be set up when your service is first installed. Your technician will show them to you, or you can find them in the 360 WiFi app (Adapt section) or the Quantum Fiber app.

Check WiFi status on your device. Look for a wireless icon in the taskbar or status area of your device. Usually you'll see one to four curved bars indicating the WiFi signal strength. If you tap or hover on this icon, you'll see the name of the network you're connected to.

Scan the join code in the Quantum Fiber app

Customers without 360 WiFi can connect a mobile device using a unique QR code. This feature is coming soon for 360 WiFi. You'll need one smartphone that's already connected and has the Quantum Fiber app installed.


  1. Sign in to the app on the first mobile device that's connected to the WiFi network. 

  2. Find the Network information section on the app dashboard. Tap on the name of your network to see the details screen.

  3. On the Edit network screen, you'll see a thumbnail of the join code. You can scan it from here, or tap it to open a full-screen version.

  4. Scan the code with the second mobile device that you'd like to add. Follow the prompts on that phone to confirm and join the network. No password required!
Quantum Fiber app dashboard screen highlighting network information
Quantum Fiber app screenshot, edit network screen, highlighting join code

App screenshots: Dashboard with Network list (left) and Edit network with join code (right) for customers without 360 WiFi. Coming soon for 360 WiFi!

How to disconnect or remove a network

This will also vary by device, but you can access your wireless or network settings in the same way you did previously. Often you'll see two separate options to disconnect and to forget the connection.


  • The disconnect option will only temporarily remove you from the network; if you previously chose to remember the connection, it will still remember the password next time you want to connect. 

  • The forget option will completely remove those settings, so if you want to connect again in the future, you'll need to select it and re-enter the WiFi password as you did the first time.

Having issues connecting to your network?

If your device won't connect, usually there's a problem with the device's network settings or hardware, or you've got a password error. Try these steps to see if you can refresh the connection:


  • Restart your device.
  • Restart your SmartNID or modem, being sure to keep it unplugged for at least 30 seconds before starting it back up (or do this through the app).
  • Double check your WiFi password. If you updated it, you will need to reconnect to the network on every device.
  • Go into your device and forget all saved networks, then restart the device and try again.
  • Reset your WiFi password, then connect again using the new password.
  • For a wireless modem (gateway), check the wireless settings to see if WiFi is disabled or is turned off according to a set schedule.
  • For 360 WiFi, check out these troubleshooting options to check your pods.

Need more help? Chat with us! Find the purple chat bubble in the lower right corner of this screen, or chat from the Quantum Fiber app or our online portal. If you prefer to call or email, you can do that too. 

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