How to add a 360 WiFi pod

It's easy to update your 360 WiFi network as your needs change. Once you have 360 WiFi up and running, if you move to a new space or discover an area that needs stronger signal, you can add a WiFi pod to your service. Simply follow the instructions below.

There are two separate parts to adding a pod to your setup.

Part one must be completed first.


  1. Order a pod through the web portal

  2. Install the pod through the 360 WiFi app

Order a pod through your account on the web

1. Sign in to your account on the web portal. Once signed in, select My Account from the top menu.

Account portal screenshot, step 1

2. In the Subscription Information section, select Manage Products.

Account portal screenshot, step 2

3. You will see multiple tabs for your Quantum Fiber services, starting with Internet. Select the 360 WiFi tab.

Account portal screenshot, step 3

4. In the Subscription Information box, select Change Product.

Account portal screenshot, step 4

5. Click the + button to add the pods you need. You'll see the new total number of pods listed below. When done, select the Add Pods button at the bottom and follow the instructions to confirm the order. The pods will be shipped to you within 48 hours.

Account portal screenshot, step 5

Note: Your 360 WiFi service includes up to four pods. Additional pods beyond four will be charged at $149 each.

Install the new pod using the 360 WiFi app

Part one (above) must be completed first. Once you've received the additional pod you ordered, follow the steps to add the pod to your network. 

360 WiFi app logo

PAUSE... You need the 360 WiFi app to continue.

The 360 WiFi app is different from the Quantum Fiber account app, but uses the same sign-in.

6. Open the 360 WiFi app on your mobile device and sign in. Important: This is separate from the main Quantum Fiber app.

7. From the home screen, tap the three bars in the lower corner to open the main menu.

360 WiFi app screenshot, step 7

8. On the Menu & Settings screen, find the Pods section. Tap Add and follow the instructions on the next screen. If needed, you will be prompted to turn on location and Bluetooth to pair the new pod to your network. 

360 WiFi app screenshot, step 8
360 WiFi app screenshot, step 9

9. On the Add more WiFi screen, you'll see a 'Waiting and listening' message while the app looks for the new pod. Once you see the newly added pod(s) appear, tap All done

360 WiFi app add pod, waiting and listening
360 WiFi app screenshot, done adding pods

The 360 WiFi app will walk you through the remaining steps, which will vary depending on your modem and other setup details.

Need more help? Chat with us! Find the purple chat bubble in the lower right corner of this screen, or chat from the Quantum Fiber app or our online portal. If you prefer to call or email, you can do that too.