How to replace 360 WiFi pods

If you've been notified that your pods are being upgraded, this is the place to get the job done. We’ll walk you through how to swap out your existing pods (WiFi 5) with new ones (WiFi 6). Read our pod replacement FAQs to learn more about the why and more details. 

Estimated time: 15-20 minutes

WiFi 5 pods

WiFi 5 pods (older style)

WiFi 6 pod

WiFi 6 pods (new style)

IMPORTANT: After replacing your pods, you will need to return the original pods to Quantum Fiber within 30 days to avoid equipment charges.

360 WiFi app logo

PAUSE... You need the 360 WiFi app to continue.

The 360 WiFi app is different from the Quantum Fiber account app, but uses the same sign-in.

Part A: Add the new pods

You'll start by connecting the new pods to your 360 WiFi network.

STEP 1: Open your Quantum Fiber 360 WiFi app and log in using the same username and password as your Quantum Fiber account app.

STEP 2: Choose any one of the new pods to be your wired 'Gateway' pod (primary pod).

  • Plug the new Ethernet cord into a port on the bottom of the pod (Q9500WK). 
  • Plug the other end of the cord into a WAN/LAN port on the bottom of the SmartNID
  • Now plug the pod into a working power outlet. 
Setup diagram, smartNID plugged into first WiFi pod

Note: As you add your new pods, you will temporarily have two 'Gateway' pods connected to your modem with two different Ethernet cables. You may need an extension cord for a short time to plug everything in.

bottom view of 360 WiFi pod with ports

Bottom view of new 360 WiFi pod

bottom view of SmartNID with ports

Bottom view of C5500XK SmartNID

STEP 3:  Plug in the rest of the new WiFi pods throughout your home or business. Place each one as close as possible to the current location of your WiFi pods. 

STEP 4:  Once all the pods are plugged in, open the 360 WiFi app and tap the three bars icon in the corner to open the Menu & Settings screen. Scroll to the Pods section. Tap Add and follow the instructions on the next screen. 

360 WiFi app home screen
360 WiFi app screenshot, step 8

The app will walk you through the steps, which will vary depending on your setup details. If needed, you will be prompted to turn on location and Bluetooth to pair the new pod to your network.

STEP 5: On the Add more WiFi screen, you'll see a 'Waiting and listening' message while the app looks for the new pods. One will appear as 'Gateway pod' and the rest as 'SuperPod.' Once you see all of the newly added pods appear on the screen, tap All done.

360 WiFi app add pod, waiting and listening
360 WiFi app screenshot, done adding pods

STEP 6:  The system will now configure the new pods and make any updates needed. This step may take about 5 minutes per pod. You can watch the progress by selecting View network on the home screen and watching the pods appear on the network map. 

360 WiFi app screenshot, network map screen
360 WiFi app screenshot, done adding pods

If prompted by the app to name the new pods, do it now. Choosing custom names like 'Bedroom' or 'Family room' makes it easier to find and manage your pods. You can also rename them later.

Part B: Delete the old pods

Once the new pods have been added, it’s time to remove the old pods from your network.


STEP 7:  Remove the original gateway pod from the outlet and disconnect it from the modem. If you want, you can now move the new gateway pod to the location of the old one. 

STEP 8: In the app, again select Network and check to make sure the network comes back online. The new primary pod will appear as a green globe and will be called 'Gateway' (unless you already set a custom name). The old gateway pod will now appear as red and offline.

Active and offline gateway on network map

STEP 9:  Return to the Menu & Settings screen. Scroll to the Pods section and tap on the pod you want to remove.

360 WiFi app home screen
360 WiFi app screenshot, select pod

STEP 10:  On the pod screen, open the options by tapping the three dots in the upper corner. Tap Delete pod in the pop-up menu, then follow the prompts to confirm.

360 WiFi app screenshot, pod menu
360 WiFi app screenshot, delete pod

TIP:  You will have both sets of pods on your network (old and new ones) at the same time temporarily. If you're unsure which pods to delete, open the pod menu in the app, tap View hardware info and check the Serial Number against the number printed on each pod.

360 WiFi app screenshot, pod menu, view hardware info
360 WiFi app screenshot, pod details, serial number

STEP 11:  Select the device symbol on the home screen and check the device list to make sure all your devices are connected to your network. You can also go back to the Network screen to see a map of all active pods and devices. 

360 WiFi app screenshot, device list

Finished! Enjoy as 360 WiFi continues to optimize your coverage based on device usage and speeds.

Need help setting up your 360 WiFi pods?

If you've tried setup yourself but are having trouble, you can schedule a technician installation. Sign in to your online account > Select Shop > Select 360 WiFi > Look for the blue Schedule Install button.

IMPORTANT: After replacing your pods, you will need to return the original pods to Quantum Fiber within 30 days to avoid equipment charges.

Internet Subscriber Agreement Equipment Return policy applies; view at

Did you get new WiFi 7 pods?

If you see WiFi 7 Certified on the back of your new 360 WiFi pods, we've got instructions just for you.