360 WiFi pods user guide

Your 360 WiFi pods work together with the SmartNID to blanket your home or business in wireless coverage. Learn more about the different styles of pods, how they are set up, and how to manage your network.

WiFi 5 pods

WiFi 5 pod

Being retired by Aug. 2024

WiFi 6 pods Q9500

WiFi 6 pod Q9500

Setup diagram, SmartNID plugged into primary pod Q9500

Setup showing WiFi 6 pod Q9500 connected to the SmartNID. You may have another one to two Q9500 pods distributed throughout your space.

WiFi pod FAQs

360 WiFi pods work together with your SmartNID to wirelessly deliver your fiber internet throughout your home or business space. Your fiber service connects to the SmartNID, which then sends the internet signal to the first pod over a wired Ethernet connection. Finally, that pod transmits a WiFi network to all of your connected devices. If more pods are needed, they can be added to repeat the wireless signal from the first pod, bringing coverage to more distant areas of your home. The pods sync with the app and optimize your signal strength and speed to each device as traffic changes throughout the day.

Extenders often require you to switch manually between networks as you move around your space. A pod system like 360 WiFi, on the other hand, uses interconnected pods that are auto-selected based on signal strength. This makes them more reliable and improves the quality of coverage. 

In most cases, the WiFi pods will replace a traditional router. The 360 WiFi system distributes a wireless internet network through your house or office. You still need a SmartNID to bring the internet signal into the house. That device functions as a modem and as the optical terminal for the fiber connection, and can’t be removed.

If your Quantum Fiber service is installed by a technician, they will also set up your 360 WiFi pods. If you add 360 WiFi to existing internet service, then the pods will be shipped to you and you will set them up following the steps in the 360 WiFi app. You can also preview the setup instructions.

Once your network is set up, you’ll control it with the 360 WiFi app. You can use the app to add or rename pods, check your signal strength, manage parental controls, and more.

Sure, it's easy to add and remove pods using the 360 WiFi app. However, many homes and businesses will have plenty of coverage with a single WiFi 7 pod or two WiFi 6 pods.

Good to know... Adding an extra pod when it’s not needed will actually cause the WiFi speed and performance to drop due to interference.

In some cases, you may need another pod, depending on the size and layout of your space. Then it’s best to consult with an agent first to decide whether an additional pod is a good fit for your setup. If so, you’ll order it on the website and then use the 360 WiFi app to add the new pod to your network. 

If you think a pod is faulty, you can:

If you replace a pod, be sure to return the old one to us.

Guide to the Q9500 pod status lights

Boot-up process

Light color Description
Solid blue Booting up
Pulsing green Looking to connect
Blinking green Naming pod
Pulsing dim to bright green Pod is synced to another account
Solid red Failed bootup

Daily use

Light color Description
Off Connected
Blinking green Optimizing
Pulsing white No internet connection
Pulsing green Planned cloud outage
Solid red Fan failure

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