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Questions about new service installation 

Find answers to top questions about new Quantum Fiber service and installation.

Our technician will bring a fiber-optic cable to your location and connect it to the modem. The modem will be permanently installed in your residence or office, which may require us to drill a hole in your wall. After the modem is installed and connected, the technician will run a speed test to make sure you get the best possible speed. You can expect the whole process to take about 3 to 4 hours.

An adult 18 years of age or older must be present during the entire installation process.

If you do not yet have a fiber-optic cable all the way to your premises, we will need to bury a cable. Don't worry—you'll learn about this when you order service, and we'll coordinate with you for this step. The fiber cable will be placed several days before your installation date and time. Our technician may need access to the exterior of your building. You do not have to be present for this step.

Chat with us or call 1-833-250-6306 if you have any questions or concerns about this process. If your technician does not show up or you miss the appointment, contact us.

If you are getting 360 WiFi with your new Quantum Fiber installation, the technician will install the pods during your service installation appointment.

For those customers already equipped with a Quantum Fiber modem, we will send the 360 WiFi pods to you. Installation is a snap. Check out our 360 WiFi installation guide.

An adult 18 years of age or older must be present during the entire installation process.

Sure thing! Reschedule your appointment online by signing in to your account and going to My Appointments. From there, you can change your installation to a time that works for you.

If your technician or you missed the appointment, please contact us to reschedule.

Chat or call us at 1-833-250-6306.

When you ordered Quantum Fiber, we emailed you information about setting up your account. You may want to check your spam folder. If you can't find the email, no problem. Just chat with us or call 1-833-250-6306. Please note that your account username is your email address.

Instant WiFi is available in some multi-unit buildings, including apartments or office complexes. If your building has Instant WiFi, it's our fiber-optic network is already connected to the property. When you create an account, you get personal and secure WiFi, with the freedom to use your service seamlessly as you move inside and outside of your residence. You can connect to WiFi on up to 25 devices.

To get started, look for a WiFi network called "Start Quantum Fiber" on any device in range. This will take you to the Instant WiFi ordering page, where you can enter your payment details, create an account, and get online. You won't need any additional equipment. Everything is already installed on your property and in your unit.