How to change your account notifications

Notifications can be super-helpful for important Quantum Fiber information. You can choose which ones you want to get from us:

  • Service updates
  • Marketing updates

App instructions

Go to the account Settings & preferences screen. Then look for Communication preferences. You can use the toggles to turn each type of contact option on or off.

Quantum Fiber app communication preferences screen

Website instructions

1. Select My Account in the top corner, then select Settings from the menu.

Quantum Fiber online account, steps to open settings

2. On the Settings page, choose Notification and look for the Notification Preferences area. Use the toggles to turn on or off the types of notifications you want to receive. 

Quantum Fiber account screen showing communication preferences

Note that the Phone option means you'll get text messages in most cases (in the event of an outage, you could also get a phone call).


While you're on the notifications page, it's a good idea to double-check that your email address and phone number above the preferences are correct.