How to change a technician appointment

We make it easy to reschedule or cancel your Quantum Fiber installation appointment using our app.

Don't need to change your appointment but just check on it? You can do that in the app too. Just follow the first few steps below.

If you need to schedule an appointment for repair, please contact us.

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App instructions

If you have an appointment, you'll see it on your Dashboard when you first open the app, along with options to change or cancel the appointment, as shown below.

Quantum Fiber app Dashboard-service appointment

Where's your Quantum Fiber tech?

On the day of your appointment, you'll see status updates when the technician is on the way and when work is in progress.

Installation appointment showing technician on the way
Installation appointment showing technician on site and working

If your technician doesn't arrive by the scheduled time, or misses the appointment, please contact us right away.

If you miss the appointment, you'll need to contact us to reschedule.

How to reschedule or cancel your appointment

If you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment for any reason, here's how.

1. Click the Change or Cancel button from the appointment box on your dashboard.


If you choose Change, you'll see a calendar and a list of appointment times for each date you click on. Select a date and time, then wait while the system updates. You'll receive a confirmation in the app as soon as the new appointment is booked. See the images below as examples.

Reschedule appointment - new time selected
Reschedule appointment - appointment booked

If you choose Cancel, you'll get a pop-up asking if you really want to cancel. After you click "Cancel it" you'll get a confirmation along with a phone number to call if you change your mind.

Cancel appointment - are you sure?
Cancel appointment confirmed

Website instructions

You can also find information about your appointments by signing in to your account on our secure website. Select My Appointments in the top menu, then you can choose to view any In Progress, Completed, or Canceled appointments.

Need more help? Chat with us! Find the purple chat bubble in the lower right corner of this screen, or chat from the Quantum Fiber app or our online portal. If you prefer to call or email, you can do that too.