Installation of new Quantum Fiber service

Welcome to Quantum Fiber! We're glad you're with us. On this page you'll find answers to some common questions about installation and start-up of your new service.

There are two stages of fiber internet installation:

1. Pre-installation: Placing the fiber-optic line outside. This is only needed if you do not yet have a fiber line connected from our network box to your property.

2. Service installation inside your building. This is when we connect the fiber line inside your home or business with a SmartNID.

Video: Preparing for your Quantum Fiber installation

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Pre-installation: Placing the fiber line outside

If you do not yet have a fiber-optic line connected from the nearest network box to your property, we will need to install a new line. Here's what you need to know:

  • The fiber line will be placed on or before your installation date.
  • The fiber line may be either buried or hung above ground on a pole.
  • The technician could be a contractor and not a Quantum Fiber employee. 
  • The technician will need access to the exterior of your building.
  • Please keep pets inside or restrained outside, and unlock any gates.
  • We may need to install a new utility box on the outside of your building.
  • You do not have to be present for this step, though the technician might need to call you if they have any questions.
  • It could take more than one visit to complete pre-installation work.

Chat with us or call 1-833-250-6306 if you have any questions or concerns about this process.

Pre-installation & line placement FAQs

Fiber-optic lines can be buried underground or hung above ground from a pole. A quick look around your area should tell you which way they’ll be installed. If you see utility lines on poles, then your new fiber line will most likely be strung above. If you don’t see utility lines above ground, then they’re buried.

In some cases, Quantum Fiber works with licensed contractors to run the fiber lines from our nearest network connection to your property. These contractors do not drive Quantum Fiber trucks and may not wear Quantum Fiber clothing.

Once that pre-installation work is finished, a Quantum Fiber technician will complete the fiber service installation on your property. Our technicians are easy to recognize with the purple Quantum Fiber logo on their vehicle and shirt. In some cases, you might see CenturyLink branding instead. The Quantum Fiber technician will connect the fiber line to your home with a SmartNID, confirm your internet speed, and install your 360 WiFi.

In addition to the points above, the only other thing you need to know about a fiber line installation above-ground is that the contractor may need access to a neighbor’s property to complete the work. They should communicate with you and your neighbor if this is the case.

In addition to the points above:

  • The fiber line might need to be temporarily laid above ground until it can be permanently buried.
  • Mark any lines or wires on your property buried less than six inches deep (like invisible dog fences or underground sprinkler systems).

In some instances, we have to lay the fiber-optic line above ground before it can be buried. This is a temporary solution that allows us to install your Quantum Fiber service without delay.

Licensed contractors will begin work to bury the line within one to two weeks of it being laid above ground, barring any delays due to weather. We appreciate your patience and care in staying away from the line until it’s buried. While you wait for the contractors to start work, please mark or identify any items on your property buried less than six inches deep (like invisible dog fences or underground sprinkler systems), so we can avoid them.

When the crew arrives to complete the work, please keep pets inside or restrained and unlock any gates.

There are times when nature interferes with our installation schedules. Significant storms, saturated ground, frozen ground, overgrown foliage, or downed trees can delay the fiber line installation. If this happens, we will contact you and reschedule your fiber service installation. In most cases, this delay is about a week.

Service installation inside your home or business

After the fiber-optic line is run to your property, a Quantum Fiber technician will bring a SmartNID device to connect your building to the fiber internet service. The SmartNID device will be permanently installed inside your home or business, so we may need to drill a hole through the wall to connect the fiber line from the outside. After the SmartNID is installed and connected, the technician will run a speed test to make sure you get the best possible speed. You can expect this whole process to take about 3 hours.

Someone 18 years or older must be present during the entire service installation process.

When you placed your order, you chose a date and time for your service installation. A Quantum Fiber technician will install your new service during the time you requested. Please check your email for your order confirmation and details. Check the Quantum Fiber app and sign up for text notifications to get updates about your installation appointment.

Service installation FAQs

At the current time, there is no charge for service installation. Please note that in the future, there may be installation fees for additional products or services. You'll be contacted prior to installation to approve the order if additional charges apply.

Sure thing! Reschedule your appointment online by signing in to your account and going to My Appointments. From there, you can change your installation to a time that works for you.

Or you can chat or call us at 1-833-250-6306.

Since Quantum Fiber doesn't require contracts, you're free to cancel at any time. Please contact us to cancel your service. If you cancel before your installation date, you'll get a refund for your first monthly prepaid charge.

If you ordered 360 WiFi with your Quantum Fiber internet plan, the technician will install the 360 WiFi pods for you during your installation appointment.

For customers already equipped with a Quantum Fiber SmartNID or modem, we'll send the 360 WiFi pods to you and you can install them yourself using the app. Check out our 360 WiFi installation video and guide.

When you ordered Quantum Fiber, we sent a confirmation email with a link to finish setting up your account. If you don't see it in your inbox, check your spam folder. If you can't find the email, chat with us or call 1-833-250-6306. Please note that your account username is the email address you used when you signed up for service.

Quantum Fiber Instant WiFi is available in some managed buildings, including apartments and office complexes. If your building has Quantum Fiber Instant WiFi, it's already connected and ready to go. 

To join, you'll need to set up your own account. Look for a WiFi network called "Start Quantum Fiber" on your device. This will take you to the Instant WiFi ordering page, where you can enter payment details, create an account, and get online—instantly! You'll get secure access to the WiFi network on up to 25 connected devices, with the freedom to connect seamlessly as you move inside and outside of your residence. 

You won't need any additional equipment. Everything is already installed on your property and in your unit. Learn more from our Instant WiFi FAQs.

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