How to check for a network outage

If your internet is out completely, this could be caused by equipment failure or an outage in the Quantum Fiber network. If you notice a service interruption, the first thing to do is sign in to the web portal or the app to see if there's a known outage in your area.

Outage notices

If we detect a service outage impacting your address, we'll send you alerts. To get these notifications, be sure to opt in through the app or your online account. You can expect to get these notices:


  • An initial message about a possible outage in your area
  • Updates about when the outage will be resolved, as they become available
  • Confirmation once service has been restored


If your phone number is unable to accept text messages (SMS), you'll get a recorded voice message instead. 

In the app, go to the Communication preferences area in account settings. Make sure Service calls and texts is turned on using the toggle. 

Communication preferences in the Quantum Fiber app

In the online account portal, go to the Notification Preferences area in account settings. Make sure the "Phone" option for Account services is turned on using the toggle. Check that your contact information is correct in the area above that.

Screenshot of the online account portal, showing notification preferences settings

Check the app or account portal for an outage notice

You can also open your Quantum Fiber app to check for outage alerts. If you're in an area outage, you'll see a notification at the top of your home screen. The estimated time of resolution will also show here as soon as that information is known.

Outage notification in the app

If you don't have the app, you can also sign in on our secure account site to check for an outage notice. As long as you have mobile data, you can access the website from your mobile phone without an internet connection.

Important note: After an outage, it's always a good idea to restart your modem or SmartNID.

Troubleshoot your equipment and setup

If you don't see an outage notice on your app, then your connection problems could be caused by issues with your equipment or setup. Head over to our general troubleshooting page for some steps you can take to check and correct some common problems.

Do you have 360 WiFi? There are some specific things to check to make sure your WiFi pods are connected and working.

Check your power

Be sure that the cause of your internet outage isn't actually a full power outage. In the event of power failure, your Quantum Fiber service will also go down until the electric company restores service. 

Contact us to get help

If you've tried the DIY solutions for your modem and devices, and are still having trouble with your connection, please contact us. We'll send out a technician if necessary and get you the help you need.