How to upgrade or replace your Quantum Fiber equipment

Looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest internet technology? We can help guide you, based on your specific service and what kind of Quantum Fiber equipment you have currently.

If you're using a modem with WiFi

C4000XG modem front and back

If you're using a freestanding modem that looks like the images above, and you think you may need a replacement due to connection issues, chat with us. The service agent will help you troubleshoot or order a new modem if needed.

If you're using a SmartNID with 360 WiFi pods

C5500XK SmartNID with two 360 WiFi pods

Good news! If you have a wall-mounted SmartNID, you've already got the state-of-the-art Quantum Fiber internet equipment. A SmartNID combines the modem and fiber network terminal into one snazzy device, which is designed to pair with our 360 WiFi mesh system.

If you have 360 WiFi pods, learn more about ordering an additional pod or getting a replacement.

If you think any of your equipment isn't working right and may need to be replaced, chat with us and a tech support agent will help troubleshoot and order a replacement if needed.