How to upgrade or change your internet speed plan

If you've optimized your setup but find that need more speed, or if things have changed and you need to move to lower speed plan, it's easy to modify your service. We'll show you below how to change your Quantum Fiber subscription.

Website instructions

1. On the home screen, look for your plan details (current speed). The example image below shows up to 940 Mbps. 


2. Click the Manage Subscription link next to it to start the process of changing your speed plan. You'll see all available plans and can follow the instructions to order your upgrade.

App instructions

In the Quantum Fiber app, an upgrade feature will be available soon—for now, you can see your current plan on the Account screen. If you want a higher or lower speed, chat with our service team from the app or anywhere on our website, and an agent will help you check for speeds and update your service.

Quantum Fiber app Account screenshot showing plan speed

Which speeds are available?

Depending on where you live, plan packages may include:

  • 500 Mbps
  • 940 Mbps 
  • 1 Gbps 
  • 3 Gbps 
  • 8 Gbps


Speed plans indicate the maximum total bandwidth you will get from our network to your modem or SmartNID. Keep in mind that real-world speeds on each individual device will be impacted by the age and number of device, type of equipment, overall setup, and environmental factors.

Need more help? Chat with us! Find the purple chat bubble in the lower right corner of this screen, or chat from the Quantum Fiber app or our online portal. If you prefer to call or email, you can do that too.