Charges and fees on your bill

Learn about the different charges that may appear on your Quantum Fiber bill (invoice). These include subscription fees, sales taxes, and some one-time charges. 

Your monthly invoice could include any of these items, depending on your plan and account details:

  • One-time charges
  • Monthly recurring charges
  • Taxes and service fees
  • Discounts or credits

Exact charges differ based on your location and services.
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One-time charges

After you first order and activate service, you will see some initial charges on your invoice. Or, if you make a change to your service that requires new equipment, installation, or shipping, you may have some additional one-time charges. Below are some common examples (not a complete list):


  • 360 WiFi Tech Installation
  • 360 WiFi Shipping
  • 360 WiFi Pods Purchase
  • Backup Battery Installation
  • Connected Voice Equipment
  • Connected Voice Installation
  • Fiber Internet Installation
  • Modem Purchase
  • Unreturned Equipment

Monthly recurring charges

Once your service is up and running, your automatic monthly payments will include recurring charges for your Quantum Fiber services. See below for a list of these standard charges.

Subscription fees

Subscription fees are the monthly charges for your Quantum Fiber services. You will see one or more of these core services on your invoice:


  • Fiber Internet
  • 360 WiFi
  • Instant WiFi
  • Instant Internet
  • Professional Connected Voice
  • Basic Connected Voice


Taxes collected by Quantum Fiber are included in regular monthly charges in most cases. You may see "Sales Tax" on your invoice if it is added separately, as in the case of some equipment. Taxes are imposed by state and local governments and vary based on location and services. Quantum Fiber is required to bill directly for taxes on behalf of the government authorities.

911 emergency service fee

The 911 Emergency Service Fee provides funding for the operation of 911 emergency telecommunications services in your area. Emergency personnel must have the capability to identify the location of a caller when they dial 911. The Commission on State Emergency Communications (CSEC), which administers 911 services, allocates funds for specific needs to the individual regional planning commissions.

Discounts and credits

You may have discounts or credits on your invoice, but not all customers will see these. They can include one-time credits, as in the event of an outage.

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