Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) wind-down information

Congress did not approve additional funding, and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has ended the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

Quantum Fiber participates in the federal Lifeline program. Learn how to apply for Lifeline benefits.

ACP wind-down important dates

January 11, 2024: The FCC released an Order outlining wind-down processes and important dates, including the enrollment freeze and the impacts to consumers and internet service providers.

January 25, 2024: Current ACP participants were notified that ACP will end in April 2024 if Congress does not approve additional funding.

February 8, 2024: The FCC stopped accepting new ACP enrollment requests, which means no further applications or enrollments will be accepted.

April 2024: The FCC confirmed existing ACP funding will run out in late April 2024 if Congress does not approve additional funding. Consumers who are enrolled in the ACP will see the last ACP discount on the April invoice.

May 2024: The ACP discount was removed from customer accounts.

ACP discontinuation FAQs

Read frequently asked questions and answers about the end of ACP here.

The phrase “last fully funded month of the ACP” refers to the last month ACP households will receive the full ACP benefit applied to their internet service.

The ACP has ended and the discount has been removed from customer accounts. 

You can apply for Lifeline to get a discount on your monthly internet bill.

Quantum Fiber participates in Lifeline. Learn how to apply for Lifeline benefits.

If the ACP ends, your plan will not be changed without your authorization. However, we will no longer apply the monthly ACP discount you currently receive to your Quantum Fiber internet service. Without this discount, your monthly bill will be affected, and your service will continue to be subject to the Internet Subscriber Agreement.

If you do not wish to receive internet service after the end of ACP or would like to change your service plan, contact us to discuss your options.

Unless you’ve chosen to disconnect your internet service when the ACP ends, we do not plan to proactively disconnect customers’ internet service when the ACP ends.

Existing ACP consumer protections remain in effect. For more information, please visit the ACP protections page.

You can contact USAC directly for questions about the ACP wind-down: