Taxes, Fees, and Surcharges on Your Bill

Taxes and fees on your bill
Taxes collected by Quantum Fiber appear on your bill under the heading "Sales Tax" and are listed for each service.

Sales tax
Taxes are imposed by state and local governments and vary based on your service location and services you receive. Quantum Fiber is required to bill directly for taxes on behalf of the government authorities.

Sales tax explained
Sales tax is imposed by your state and local governments. The taxed services vary by state and service location.

Who put these taxes on my bill?
Your state legislature requires Quantum Fiber to collect state sales tax on behalf of the state. Applicable local sales tax is imposed by local jurisdictions, including cities, counties, special purpose districts, and transit authorities. Quantum Fiber is required to collect these taxes on behalf of the applicable jurisdictions.

Where does this money go?
Revenues collected via state sales taxes are allocated as designated by the state authority. Recipients may include:

  • State General Revenue Fund
  • Parks and Wildlife
  • Highway Department
  • Parks and Recreation Department

911 Emergency Service Fee
This fee provides funding for the operation of 911 emergency services in your area.

911 Emergency Service Fee explained
The 911 Emergency Service Fee provides funding for the operation of 911 emergency telecommunications services in your area. Emergency personnel must have the capability to identify the location of a caller when they dial 911. The fee, which is applied per access line, funds communications systems that support emergency and quick response police, fire and ambulance services with identification of phone number and location.

Who put this fee on my bill?
This fee is imposed by your state legislature and local governments. The fee amount varies by service location.

Where does this money go?
The money from this fee can only be spent in the region in which it is collected. The Commission on State Emergency Communications (CSEC), which administers 911 services, allocates funds for specific needs to the individual regional planning commissions.