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Seattle guide to moving and transferring utilities

Moving and setting up utilities in Seattle

Moving and setting up utilities in Seattle

If you’re relocating to Seattle or already living here and moving to a new home, it's surprisingly easy to set up utilities and internet at your new address. For most people, everything that needs to be done can be accomplished on three websites:, Puget Sound Energy, and Quantum Fiber.

How to set up internet at your new home

How to setup internet at your new home

Quantum Fiber provides ultra-fast fiber internet and is a popular home internet provider in Seattle. Since our service is provided on a month-to-month subscription basis with no annual contracts or commitments, it's easy to discontinue service at one location and start it up at another.

Begin by confirming that Quantum Fiber is available at your new address, then select the speed you’d like. Our most popular service, which offers up to 1 gig, provides plenty of bandwidth for simultaneous 4K video streams, music, gaming, video calls, and working from home. We also offer services up to 500 Mbps and multi-gig speeds up to 8 Gig in select areas around the Sound.

It's best to order internet at least two weeks before moving in to ensure you don’t experience any delays getting up and running. On installation day, an adult 18 years of age or older will need to be home while our technician is working. Most appointments take a few hours. Your technician will provide everything required to set up your connection and 360 WiFi™ network, which provides seamless coverage throughout your home.

If you already have Quantum Fiber service in your current home, contact our customer service at 833-250-6306, and we’ll cancel your old account, help you set up a new one, and tell you what to do with your existing equipment.

How to set up utilities at your new home

The City of Seattle provides most of the utilities you’ll need in your new home. Its website serves as a central hub to manage all these services, make changes to your account, and start or stop services at your home. The website categorizes utilities into two groups—Seattle City Light for electricity and Seattle Public Utilities for water and waste collection.

The city doesn’t offer natural gas. That’s provided by Puget Sound Energy, which is also the electric and gas company for nearby communities outside of Seattle.

Seattle City Light

If you already have an account with Seattle City Light, call (206) 684-3000 or visit the city’s e-portal to initiate the transfer to your new address. You'll need to verify your account information and provide your new address. There's a $16 fee to start service, which will appear on your first bill.

The first step for new Seattle residents or those who still need an account on the utilities portal is registering and creating an online profile. The same process applies to renters and homeowners. You'll need to provide your new address, the date you want service to begin, and other information that will be used to verify your identity.

If remote ID verification fails, you'll have to visit one of Seattle City Light’s walk-in centers to provide government-issued photo identification before your account can be created. The $16 fee that existing Seattle City Light customers pay also applies to new accounts.

Seattle Public Utilities (SPU)

The same e-portal and online profile used for electricity are also used to order and manage your water and waste collection accounts. However, unlike with Seattle City Light, only property owners can establish water, sewer, trash, recycling, and composting accounts with SPU. If you’re renting, check with your landlord or property manager for more information about these services.

Puget Sound Energy (PSE)

Ordering a new service or transferring an existing account can be handled on the PSE website. There, you’ll find options to establish a new service, stop an existing service, or transfer your service to a new address. The website also makes checking the status or modifying your service requests easy.

Get your home up and running

Getting your home up and running with Internet

We hope your move to a new home in Seattle goes smoothly. We’ll do our part to help you check "how to transfer internet service when moving" off your to-do list. Check Quantum Fiber availability at your new address and learn more about our ultra-fast internet options in Seattle.

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