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Fiber Availability in My Seattle Neighborhood

Fiber internet availability in Seattle

How to get fiber internet service in Seattle

Woman on laptop sitting on balcony in Seattle using Fiber Internet

Seattle is a well-connected tech hub, with fiber internet available in many neighborhoods. The city ranks in the top 10 for coverage, speed, and availability according to Broadband Now, and fiber internet reaches 44.5% of homes.

It's no wonder everybody wants fiber. The advantages can be significant, particularly for the 36% of Seattle residents who work from home regularly. A fiber connection is reliable, fast, and won't slow down due to increased network traffic. For example, Quantum Fiber can reach multi-gig speeds—up to 8 Gig where available—and has the industry's first WiFi CERTIFIED 7™ device. That kind of speed was only a dream a few years ago.

If you're ready to upgrade to a fast and reliable fiber internet connection, check for Quantum Fiber availability at your address.

Growing demand for multi-gig speeds in Seattle

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You're not the only Seattleite in search of faster internet speeds. Demand is quickly growing as households become more and more data-hungry. A study by the Washington State Joint Transportation Committee found that by 2030, a typical household of four people will demand speeds of more than 2000 Mbps.

Multi-gig internet speeds are already a reality for many Seattle residents. Newer neighborhoods with overhead utilities are more likely to have fiber internet than older neighborhoods and those with underground utilities simply due to the work and permitting required to install fiber-optic cables. Luckily, new state initiatives and federal grants are making that process a little easier.

Connecting the state's underserved communities is one of the main priorities of the Washington Broadband Office (WBC), which currently funds eligible projects to provide internet for all in Washington.

To that end, you can help the WBC accurately map coverage in the area by verifying services available at your address and providing accurate speed reports to the FCC. If you input your address and the information provided is inaccurate, you can request that the FCC update it. The WBC says more accurate maps will help them plan better for the future of broadband coverage in the state.

Does my neighborhood have fiber?

Teen gaming on computer, while using fiber internet

To check internet service for your area, input your address into our coverage map. If Quantum Fiber multi-gig services are available in your Seattle neighborhood, you can easily sign up for an internet plan.

We have no annual contracts and a Price for Life plan, which lets you keep your internet service’s monthly rate for as long as you keep your plan. Monthly rates are subject to continued plan availability. With gigabit speeds and a reliable connection, your Seattle home or business will be ready and wired for the future.

When will internet service for my area include fiber?

Neighborhood friends over using fiber internet WiFi

If fiber isn't available in your Seattle neighborhood, we can’t say exactly when your area will get fiber, but availability is expanding quickly. Quantum Fiber is committed to delivering multi-gig fiber internet to as many homes and businesses in the Seattle area as we can.

Keep an eye out for a postcard from us—we send these to homes and businesses when Quantum Fiber becomes available in your neighborhood.

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