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WiFi at home and around Portland

Portland Skyline view of the city

Stay connected in Portland

Main in restaurant using WiFi powered by fiber internet

One of the great things about living in Portland is that it’s easy to stay connected. Quantum Fiber is among the fastest and most reliable Portland ISPs for your home connection. You’ll also find plenty of free WiFi providers in every corner of the city when you’re on the go. We’ll help point you in the right direction for the best WiFi in Portland.

Fiber internet at home

Couple, in Portland, using fiber internet at home while streaming tv

Fiber internet provides the fastest internet speeds currently available in Portland. It’s a great choice for living a connected life, whether you’re working from home, streaming 4K video, gaming, or listening to music.

Quantum Fiber offers fast fiber connections to power everything you do online. In most parts of Portland, you can choose from speeds up to 500 Mbps and up to 940 Mbps. We’re also rolling out our blazing-fast (up to) 8 Gig service in some areas. Instead of annual contracts or the long-term commitments some Portland WiFi providers require, we offer monthly subscription services, so you’re in control.

With Quantum Fiber, setting up, managing, and using your WiFi is as easy as getting around Downtown Portland.

Your fiber internet subscription includes all the equipment you need for a strong, secure, and reliable WiFi network at home. We’ll configure everything during installation and show you how to manage your settings with our easy-to-use app.

Accessing Free WiFi in Portland

When you first get super-fast fiber internet at home, you’ll probably be blown away at how fast things happen. After a while, it becomes so routine that you may forget just how quick it is. Connecting to the internet outside the home can be a reminder that not all WiFi is created equal. As the provider of fast fiber internet in Portland, we’re well-tuned to where you can find free internet hotspots to make your time away from home more enjoyable.

Portland Airport WiFi

You can connect to free WiFi at PDX by joining “flypdx” on any device. Simply accept the terms of use, and you’re good to go with no password required. WiFi is available in all public areas of the airport, including the gates, baggage claim areas, rental car center, and the TriMet platform.

Public spaces

The city of Portland provides free WiFi in parks, community and arts centers, and sports facilities in neighborhoods in every direction. If you’re downtown, you can get some work done outside at Pioneer Courthouse Square or Director Park. You’ll also find WiFi hotspots at parks and community centers in each quadrant, including the Multnomah Arts Center, Southwest Community Center, Peninsula Park Community Center, Cully Park, Luuwit View Park, McCoy Park, and Wallace Park, where you can also let your dog run free. Maybe do a little surfing after a match at the Portland Tennis Center or before teeing off at the Rose City, RedTail, or Eastmoreland golf course.

Libraries and museums

All the Multnomah public library branches offer free WiFi. You can connect your own device for unlimited access or use a library computer for up to 4 hours per day. The Central Library downtown is easy to access, and there’s plenty of room to settle in and focus on whatever you need to do online. The Portland Art Museum is also nearby, or, if you prefer something a little more collegiate, guest internet access is available for visitors to the PSU library and campus.

Cafes, bookstores, and retailers

Getting free WiFi in Portland is as easy as grabbing a cup of coffee. You’ll likely find a hotspot wherever you get your caffeine fix, and you’re sure to connect at every Case Study location. The same goes for bookstores. Powell’s is a sure bet, but you’ll find WiFi available in most Portland bookstores. There’s also free WiFi at Washington Square and Pioneer Place malls and in the stands at Moda Center.

Quantum Fiber Internet makes a great choice

Women laying in bed with laptop next to her dog using WiFi

Fiber internet from Quantum Fiber is a great choice for your home WiFi needs. With ultra-fast fiber internet up to 940 Mbps (or 8G in some areas) and 360 WiFi™ that blankets your home in coverage, Quantum Fiber delivers speed and reliability. Check availability and learn more about speeding up your online life on our website.

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