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Denver WiFi hotspots & Fast Internet at home

Denver City Skyline

Finding WiFi around Denver

Man using WiFi in downtown Denver, CO

Denver is home to fresh air, expansive views, and plentiful free WiFi. Not long ago, many businesses kept their networks locked down, making it difficult for guests to connect. Granted, internet connections were not always so robust, and supporting an avalanche of guest users was more difficult.

Today, networks have ample bandwidth, and configuring and managing guest networks is simple. In Denver, that means your chances of finding a stable public WiFi connection or hotspot are good no matter where you are.

Stay secure when you connect to free Denver WiFi hotspots

Man using WiFi at a table outside a cafe in Denver, CO

Security is one of the biggest concerns when using public WiFi in Denver. When you connect to a network, your device exchanges information with various websites and servers. It can seem risky to expose your personal information and invite bad actors to steal what they want.

In the past, data was often transmitted without encryption, presenting a serious security risk. Modern websites are different, and nearly all data transmission is encrypted. According to the FTC, if you see a lock symbol next to the web address in your browser, you’re on a secure website, and your data is likely safe.

Even when you see the lock, you should still be vigilant in protecting your personal information. Always use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication when possible, and be sure your system and apps are up to date. Some people prefer not to enter payment information or log in to bank accounts or other sites where sensitive information is stored, but even then, the risk of a breach is relatively low.

Where to find WiFi in Denver

Denver WiFi hotspots are everywhere, from restaurants and coffee shops to shopping malls, transit hubs, and other places around town. Here are some locations where you can count on a decent WiFi connection.

WiFi at Denver Airport

DIA offers free WiFi throughout the airport. Two networks—DEN Airport Free WiFi and DEN Airport Free WiFi 2.4—are available in the main Jeppesen Terminal and in all three concourses. Usage is unlimited, and speeds average about 61 megabits per second (Mbps).

Denver Libraries

Every Denver Public Library branch offers free public WiFi. Libraries also have computers that any visitor can use free of charge. You can also find free WiFi on the University of Denver campus. The Anderson Academic Commons houses several libraries at DU. This facility is open to the public, and free WiFi is available every day whether school is in session or not.

Shopping centers and malls

Some Denver-area shopping malls offer free public WiFi. But if the mall itself doesn't have free WiFi, the stores, restaurants, and coffee shops inside often do. You’ll find hotspots at Cherry Creek, the Shops at Northfield, Flatiron Crossing in Broomfield, the Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, and many stores and shopping areas around the city.

Outdoor spaces

The Denver Botanic Garden might be one of Denver's most beautiful places to work. WiFi is free once you’re inside, but membership or a day pass is usually required for entry. The Denver Botanic Garden has free entry on specific days, so check their website to find out when. You’ll also find free WiFi at Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater, which is helpful since cellular service can be a little iffy there.

Coffee shops, restaurants, and bookstores

Coffee, food, and internet have always been perfect companions, so it’s no surprise that you’ll find free WiFi on the menu. Starbucks is a WiFi superstar no matter where you are, but any of Denver’s great local coffee shops will likely have free connections. The same goes for bookstores. You’ll find free WiFi at both Tattered Cover locations and at each Denver-area Barnes & Noble location.


Hotel lobbies are a great place to make a Zoom call or catch up on work, and Denver is filled with options. You’ll find free WiFi at many major downtown hotels like the Hyatt Regency and the Grand Hyatt, both located near the Colorado Convention Center.

These free WiFi options may not be as fast as fiber internet from Quantum Fiber, but they pair nicely with a cup of coffee and beautiful views.

WiFi at home in Denver

Man using WiFi at home in his nook, and interacting with his dog

Denver residents can find great WiFi options for their home internet service provider, too. Quantum Fiber's gigabit service delivers multi-gig speeds up to 1 Gbps, up to 3 Gbps, and up to 8 Gbps in some areas, fast enough to support multiple connections simultaneously, from streaming 4K video and gaming to working remotely and making video calls.

Anyone with an ultra-fast fiber internet connection at home has probably gotten used to how seamlessly it powers everything they want to do online. It can make that free WiFi connection at the airport feel like an old-school dial-up connection.

Learn more about Quantum Fiber gigabit internet in Denver and how it can help your home.

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