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Fiber Internet availability in my Denver neighborhood

Fiber Internet Availability - Denver City Skyline

How to get fiber internet service in Denver

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Denverites are some of the luckiest residents in the country when it comes to internet service. Denver County has nearly 100% broadband coverage, and fiber in Denver is quickly becoming available to more and more homes and businesses.

Fast and reliable fiber internet has become a must-have for the many Denver residents who work from home—about 27% of the population. A multi-gig fiber internet connection is great for remote workers, especially when uploading and downloading large files—not to mention when giving important presentations. A reliable and fast fiber connection gives you peace of mind while presenting.

If you're eager to upgrade to an ultra-fast fiber internet connection, the best way to find out if Quantum Fiber is available in your neighborhood is to check availability with our coverage map.

Expanding fiber availability in Denver—and across the U.S.

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Many residents in Denver already have access to multi-gig fiber internet from Quantum Fiber. In Aurora's 80015 and 80019 zip codes, we reach 35% of the homes and businesses, with plans to expand that coverage even further.

In Denver and across the nation, growing the fiber network is a priority—and not just for us. The Fiber Broadband Association reports that at the start of 2024, nearly 78 million homes and businesses in the U.S. had access to fiber—a 13% annual growth rate.

Recent investments by the federal government promise to speed up the process as states like Colorado receive grants to expand access. The Colorado Broadband Office is using nearly $1 billion in grants to build fiber networks that reach underserved areas across the state.

And that's great news because the more fiber-optic infrastructure that's created, the more fiber internet becomes available to businesses and residents everywhere.

Does my neighborhood have fiber ?

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Check availability with our coverage map to see if Quantum Fiber's multi-gig service is available in your Denver neighborhood. If it is, signing up for a fiber internet plan with Quantum Fiber is easy. We have no annual contract and a Price for Life plan, which lets you keep your internet service’s monthly rate for as long as you keep your plan. Monthly rates for internet service are subject to continued plan availability. With gigabit speeds and a reliable connection, your Denver home or business will be ready and wired for the future.

My address doesn't have available fiber. Why can't I get fiber in my area?

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Installing fiber-optic networks is a time- and labor-intensive process because new cables must be installed first to create the network's backbone before homes and businesses can be connected. Fiber-optic cables are made from glass strands to transmit data via light. That means they can send a clear and strong signal, so you get a fast, reliable connection.

Expanding the fiber-optic network requires exploring existing infrastructure, mapping routes, securing permits, and planning construction for the overall network. Once built, homes and businesses can be connected to fiber internet.

With a Quantum Fiber connection, you can experience ultra-fast internet and reach up to 8 Gigs* where available—speeds that were only a dream not too long ago.

*Where available.

When will fiber be available in my area?

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If your Denver neighborhood does not yet have fiber, we can’t say exactly when fiber will be coming to your area. But the good news is that it's likely on the way.

Denver already has excellent fiber coverage, ranging from downtown neighborhoods near Capitol Hill and Union Station to suburban areas like Aurora and Centennial. Quantum Fiber is committed to delivering multi-gig fiber internet to as many homes and businesses in the Denver area as we can.

Keep an eye out for a postcard in the mail from us—we send those to homes and businesses when Quantum Fiber becomes available in different neighborhoods.

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