360 WiFi

Goodbye, spotty WiFi and dead spots. Hello, seamless coverage. 360 WiFi creates a smart mesh network throughout your home or small business to make sure every device gets the best connection possible. 

What's a mesh network?

Mesh WiFi systems (or "mesh networks") blanket your home with extended WiFi coverage. They create an adaptive network that sends and receives data in the most efficient way possible. As you move devices around your home or business, a mesh system automatically switches to the closest WiFi pod to give you the strongest available signal. 


Designed to be customizable, most mesh systems come with an app to manage all features of your network. You can turn off WiFi to certain devices, create access controls, and manage guest access. 

360 WiFi pods and app

How does 360 WiFi work?

360 WiFi is designed so that you can “set it and forget it.” The key parts of the system are your Quantum Fiber modem and a series of linked pods. The pods, also called nodes or access points, are small devices placed throughout your space. These devices work together to blanket your home or small business with a single WiFi network (called a mesh network).


One WiFi pod is placed close to the modem, and the others are spread out in different rooms or throughout your space. You may have either plug-in or free-standing pods, but they function in the same way. Using smart, cloud-based software, the pods route and re-route where and how each of your devices connects with your WiFi. As your household or business’s network needs change, it’s simple to add or rearrange pods.


Because mesh systems are effective at giving consistent coverage, some people use them for hard-to-reach areas like garages, basements, and outdoor spaces. They are also effective when there isn’t a central location for a single WiFi router, or if the area that needs to be covered is larger than 2,500 square feet. Even if your space isn’t that large, mesh systems can be used in smaller areas to increase the range of 5 GHz WiFi frequency coverage for faster speeds.