How to manage your Quantum Fiber service appointment

Everyone overcommits now and then, but no worries. We make it easy to reschedule or cancel your Quantum Fiber technician appointment using our app or the website.

You can follow the first few steps below for the app to track your installation appointment.

1. If you have an appointment, it will appear at the top of your Dashboard when you first open the app. You may also see options to change or cancel the appointment. If it's the day of your appointment, you'll see status updates when the technician is on the way and when work is in progress.

Quantum Fiber app Dashboard-service appointment
Quantum Fiber app installation status on the way
Quantum Fiber app installation status work in progress

2. To change your appointment, tap 'Change' on the dashboard. You can then choose the date and time that work best for you, and select 'Next.'

Quantum Fiber app change appointment

3. Once you've set the new date and time for your appointment, you'll get a confirmation message with an option to add it to your calendar.

Quantum Fiber app appointment booked

4. If you need to cancel your appointment, select 'Cancel' from the dashboard. You'll see a pop-up confirming whether you want to cancel or keep your appointment. 

Quantum Fiber app 'Are you sure you want to cancel your appointment?'

5. Tap 'Cancel it' if you're sure, and your appointment will be cancelled.

Quantum Fiber app appointment cancelled

1. From your Quantum Fiber account Home screen, go to 'My appointments' in the top menu.

2. On the appointments page, you'll see any appointments you have scheduled.

3. Click the 'Change' button to make changes, including canceling the appointment.

Quantum Fiber account site - appointments

4. Select a date and time that works for you, then confirm the update. You can also cancel your appointment from this page.

Quantum Fiber account site - change appointment